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Make sure you create gorgeous wedding tables that will really wow your guests!

Your wedding is just as much for you as it is for the wonderful people who have chosen to celebrate with you this unique moment in your life. Therefore, you truly want to wow your guests in every way possible – and one way of doing this is by putting together a wedding décor that’s simply stunning.

How to create wedding tables that are gorgeous? We have some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Round tables are perfect for brides and grooms who want classy weddings without straying too far away from tradition. The best part about these tables, though? They are really versatile – so you can allow yourself to play with color, textures and shapes (e.g. designing all-white tables with bright-colored square plates).

  • Long banquet tables are perfect for family-style dinners that feel intimate and casual. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to a casual table décor – not if you don’t want it, of course. Long tables look best with décor that mimics their elongated shape- such as rectangular plates, long bright-colored, sparkly or floral runners and tall vases for the centerpieces.

  • As for square tables, the key is to pay attention to their symmetry. Pairing the tables with dark-colored symmetrically placed chairs, as well as using vibrant colors for the centerpieces and tableware – these are just a couple of things you can “work” on a square-shaped table. However, your own imagination is the limit. As long as you create symmetrical arrangements, your tables will look spectacular!

Dazzle (Events) by Andrea can help you plan the wedding you’ve always wanted – without the stress you never want to associate with such a beautiful event in your life. Contact us, find out more about our services and hire us for your Big Day – it will be truly memorable!

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