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Picking the best style for your summer wedding will allow it to be beautiful!

As a summer bride, you want to infuse your wedding with the best this season has to offer. You want its joy, its high energy, its vibrancy, its timeless elegance and, ultimately, you want its unique feeling and sense of freedom and carefreeness to be all incorporated into your Big Day.

How to create a summer wedding style that truly encompasses all of the above – and so much more? We have some tips for you – so read on to find out more.

  • The flowers. Like with every other wedding, the flowers are a huge part in your summer event too. Go local and seasonal with your choice of blooms, allow yourself to think creatively (e.g. mixing gorgeous blooms with berries, arranging the bridesmaids’ bouquets in the colors of a summer sunset, and so on). Also, don’t forget to decorate your ceremony with stunning florals too (you could, for example, place lush hydrangea in antique-looking vases along the aisle).

  • The dessert. Serving a wedding cake is really great – but if you want a more summer-infused dessert, think of the things that make this season so great. Imagine the fresh berries, bowls of cherries and – yes, you are allowed to do this – delicious, creamy ice cream! Oh how delightful it will all be for you and for your guests too!

  • The favors. Your wedding favors should be memorable – but you also want them to be something your guests actually appreciate. So, to strike the perfect balance between the two, we highly suggest you to offer them something that helps them cool off during your summer wedding. Fans, fragranced spritzers, personalized sunglasses – they can all be amazing as wedding favors, especially on a hot summer day.

Photo source: Bellafaye Garden

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