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Top reasons why you should take his last name

Taking his last name is far from being mandatory in modern days. However, it might be a much better idea than you give it credit. Why do it? Read on and find out more about the top reasons to take your future husband’s last name.

  • It’s easier for the children. While you can definitely raise your kids knowing why you didn’t take their father’s last name, the absolute truth is that it’s easier to simply share the same name, as a traditional family. It will be easier for them to understand, and it will be easier for you to explain what a family is, as well as teach them the core values of a family.

  • You may not like your name that much – or, even better, you actually like his name a lot. This can have repercussions on your career, especially if you choose to do something more public – such as become an attorney, a writer, a journalist, or any kind of (semi) public figure.

  • It’s a matter of commitment and a strong bond. A name is not just a string of sounds and letters – it carries with it a history, a meaning, and a certain kind of special power. Sharing the same name as your husband shows you are both committed to the family you’re about to build, that you genuinely love each other, and that you’re in for the long run. Plus, it also shows that you’re really off the market too.

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