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Unique ways to enhance your wedding décor

Your wedding décor is supposed to mirror your unique sense of style, your personality, and the things that define you as a couple. Of course, you will want to “steal” some ideas from the latest trends as well – so we have gathered some of the prettiest ones right below. Read on and find out more.

  • Sit wherever you want signs. Wedding signs have been popular for quite some years now, but this time, they bring with it a matter that can actually save you a lot of time: allowing guests to sit wherever they feel best.

  • Rose gold. Metallic colors are very trendy this year as well, with rose gold leading the pack. If you want to add a bit of luxuriousness to your wedding, combine this rose gold with white, green, pink, or other colors. We guarantee it will look amazing!

  • Greenery. If you want your wedding to be decorated in a genuinely unique way, greenery is the way to do this. Using greenery garlands and bouquets for the wedding tables will add a lot of energy and beauty to your wedding day.

  • Dahlias. Can’t give up on actual blooms? There are some that are especially stylish these days – and dahlias are by far among the top favorites. Delicate and feminine, these flowers make for excellent choices when it comes to the wedding reception, wedding ceremony, and bouquets.

Looking for a wedding planner who has plenty of experience in putting together splendid, breathtakingly beautiful weddings? Come visit Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and allow us to show how stunning your Big Day can be. We have the know-how, the connections, the talent, and the creativity to make even your wildest dreams come true for your wedding day – so hire us today and you will never regret it!

Photo source: Jose and Roxanne

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