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Wondering What NOT to Wear to a Wedding?

Weddings are always happy events – and if you have been invited to one soon, you surely want to make a great impression. Of course, everyone has their own personality and it is perfectly fine to express this in the way you dress – however, there are certain items of clothing that should never be worn to a wedding. What are they and why is it important that you avoid wearing them? Read on and find out more.

  • For obvious reasons, wearing a white dress is, 99% of the times, a completely bad idea. Unless the dress code is very specific about this and encourages all ladies to dress in white and unless the bride pertains to a culture where wearing white is not mandatory (and you know she will follow her traditions), you should absolutely avoid wearing white to a wedding.

  • Furthermore, it is highly advisable that you avoid wearing anything that’s just “too much”. Very flashy colors, overly sexy dresses, or anything you would much rather wear to a club – these are items that are not suitable for weddings, not even the most casual ones.

  • Speaking of casual, keep in mind that a “casual dress code” does not mean you can wear shorts or jeans – it just means that you can keep it relaxed, instead of wearing a suit or a tuxedo with all the accessories that come with them. Try to stick to the dress code – and if you’re not 100% certain of what a dress code may mean, make sure to ask. Better to be safe, than to be underdressed or overdressed!

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Photo source: peteandcharlotte

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