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Wedding Dress Codes, Unmasked

With weddings getting more permissive and relaxed, dress codes are getting a bit of a modern twist as well. Yet, sometimes this is only causing more confusion among guests who are not very sure of what to wear to a wedding with a particular dress code.

Want to help them find the right attire for your own Big Day? Here’s a short guide for you and for them.

  • White Tie is the most formal dress code. Men are supposed to wear tuxedoes and white bow-ties, while ladies are supposed to wear long dresses that cover as much skin as possible (sometimes, it is even required to wear elbow-length gloves).

  • Black Tie is the more widely spread formal dress code because it allows for a little more freedom, especially for the ladies. While the guys will wear black tuxedoes (and black bow-ties), the women can wear long dresses that show a bit more skin (e.g. slit skirts, and so on).

  • Dressy Casual strikes the perfect balance between cocktail dresses and formal gowns, between tuxedoes and casual pants-and-vest or pants-and-button down-shirt. For instance, ladies can wear a cascading gown, or any other dress that is perfectly balanced between “formal” and “casual”.

  • Beach Formal is very popular every summer, but not many understand what it actually means. In general, for the ladies, this dress code means wearing any type of flow-y, lightweight long dress. For the men, this usually means suits and shirts made from natural and lightweight fabrics.

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Photo by Jeremy Wong on Unsplash

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