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Top Wedding Menu Tips All Brides Should Know

Aside from booking a wedding venue, your wedding menu will be one of the most important elements to consider when planning your wedding in South Carolina.

You want to do this the right way – but WHAT exactly is that? What are some of the lesser-discussed rules you should keep in mind?

We have gathered them right below – continue reading if you want to learn more about building the ideal wedding menu.

  • There’s no actual rule as to what you can or cannot serve. These days, all foods can be wedding-worthy. It all depends on how formal or informal you want your wedding to be. At the same time, keep in mind there might be foods you want to avoid serving at your wedding – not because they aren’t delicious or because they aren’t fancy enough, but because they can stain clothes really easily. Lobster is a good example here – but there are plenty of other examples too.

  • You should definitely serve a vegetarian option. Include it on your RSVPs and ask people to check if they want to serve the vegetarian option. This could work out well even if you don’t plan a seated meal (just order as much vegetarian dishes for the buffet as you think it’s suitable for the number of guests who have confirmed they’ll be having this). It is not obligatory to include a gluten-free or lactose-free menu option as well – but if your budget (and time!) allows for this, it would be a nice, thoughtful gesture for guests who might be following these diets.

  • Do NOT serve drinks on an empty stomach. You may feel tempted to skip the hors d’oeuvres during the cocktail hour, but offering drinks to guests that haven’t eaten anything can become really disastrous, really quick. There are so many budget-friendly snacking options that it would be a pity not to include some for your cocktail hour! Plus, serving a bit of food now means your guests will be less likely to overeat during the actual dinner – so this can be a good money-saving strategy as well.

Have you found the right South Carolina wedding planner yet? If you’re still on the lookout, be sure to contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea right now! Give us a call, and let’s talk about the amazing wedding day ahead of you. Let’s talk about the ways we will make sure your dream wedding comes true!

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