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Planning an Engagement Party? Follow These Rules, Then!

It is a well-known fact that weddings are quite confusing in terms of the etiquette you’re expected to follow – but did you know there’s an etiquette for engagement parties as well? Of course, you want everyone invited to this party to feel great while celebrating your big life milestone – but what are the etiquette rules that will help you do this?

We have gathered some of them below – continue reading and find out more.

  • You have a lot of freedom when planning the perfect engagement party – but there’s something you should never compromise on: your guest list. If someone is invited to this event, they absolutely HAVE TO be invited to the wedding as well. Put yourself in their position: how would you feel if a friend invited you to their engagement party and not to their wedding?

  • Most of the times, toasts are not really a “thing” during these parties. Still, don’t be surprised if some of your guests want to say a couple of words for you and your loved one. Remember that this can be tricky, especially if you have friends who start making cheeky jokes after a couple of drinks – if you know anyone like this, just try to talk to them before and tell them to abstain from this kind of anecdotes and stories.

  • Gifts aren’t requested at engagement parties either. However, some of your guests might still want to bring you something. That is precisely why it’s important to have a wedding registry in place by the time you invite anyone to the engagement party – it’s not that you’re asking them to bring gifts, it’s just that a wedding registry makes it easier for them to make the right choice when it comes to this.

  • Last, but not least, keep in mind that your engagement party should take place about two months into your actual engagement (but usually no sooner than 6 weeks). This allows you plenty of time to plan the event, as well as personally announce all of your closest friends and relatives.

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