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Best Tips to Keep in Mind from Former Brides

As a bride-to-be in South Carolina, you want to collect all the valuable tips of advice different people have. Of course, you have to only select those that apply to you – but, in general, you want to listen to what different wedding professionals in South Carolina have to say about creating the perfect wedding day.

Even more, you want to listen to what former brides have to say as well. What are some of their best tips for you? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • If you are wearing a wedding veil, try to keep it on for the reception too. There are two main reasons to do this. The first one is that it’s simply easier this way (and you will not have to worry about ruining your hairstyle). The second one is that your veil makes you unique among all the ladies at the wedding. Every woman wears a white dress every now and again – but a bridal veil is unique to each woman’s wedding day.

  • Planning to do your hairstyle on your own? That’s OK, but you should keep in mind that slightly dirty hair is the best “material”. The cleaner your hair is, the harder it will be to work with it and create a hairstyle that will stay put throughout the entire wedding day.

  • Get a quality manicure. From the moment you sign the marriage license to all the pictures you will take until the end of the day, your hands will be in the spotlight. Be sure your nails look flawless by pampering them with a quality manicure session. Yes, it’s more than worth it.

  • Hire a makeup artist. Even if you do know how to do a professional makeup on your own, hiring an expert is valuable from multiple points of view. For once, it will all look flawless and there will be no last-minute makeup disasters that make you start all over again. But even more than that, hiring a makeup artist will simply make you feel pampered and special on your Big Day.

Looking for a talented and ultra-dedicated wedding planner in South Carolina? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and hire us if you want to plan a stunning, unforgettably flawless, stress-free wedding. With us on your side, your Big Day will be amazing!

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