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Pumpkins Can Be Such an Amazing Element of Wedding Décor!

For most people, pumpkins can only be used as Halloween décor. Yet, pumpkins can be so much more than that! With a bit of creativity, you can incorporate pumpkins in your wedding décor even if you’re not having a Halloween-themed wedding and even if you want to stay away from all the “basic” décor ideas out there.

How to do that? We have gathered some inspiring ideas for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Use them instead of vases. How about creating stunning, lush, generous wedding centerpieces with dahlias and other seasonal flowers and placing them in carved pumpkins? This is a really nice way of incorporating fall’s most quintessential elements in your wedding décor – a touch every single guest will love.

  • Use them for your wedding desserts. And no, we’re not talking about the edible part only (although please do go ahead and incorporate pumpkins in your pies and cookies, people will love it). Incorporate some pumpkins in your wedding dessert table as well!

  • Use them for your wedding signs. A chalkboard sign surrounded by pumpkins of different colors says “fall” like nothing else does. And if you don’t want to go the already classic way, you can actually spray paint pumpkins and write your messages on them. They will look really lovely!

  • Use them as place card holders. Mini pumpkins are adorable! Painted in gold or rose gold, they can turn into the best place card holders ever! This is a cute, subtle way of bringing this staple fall element into your wedding décor (perfect if you want to keep it low-key from this point of view).

  • Keep some mini pumpkins around. Even if you don’t want to incorporate them into your actual wedding décor, they will make for wonderful fall wedding photography props. Just a couple of these tiny beauties can turn your wedding stationery photos into something with a more seasonal vibe – something you will LOVE looking at one, five, and fifty years from now too!

Still searching for a talented wedding planner in South Carolina? We’re here for you, then! Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and hire us if you want your wedding to be perfect from head to finish. Hire us if you want the best wedding ever with the least amount of stress ever!

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