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4 Tips on How to Tackle Guest Lists that Aren’t Very Balanced

Planning a wedding usually means you will have to handle stress quite well – and more importantly, it means that you will have to learn how to handle stress together, as a couple.

Of all the things that have to be tackled as soon as the engagement ring is on your finger, planning the guest list can be the most troublesome – especially if you have never discussed your ideal wedding with your significant other.

How to handle your guest list together and make sure it’s balanced both from your point of view and from your loved one’s as well?

Read on and find out more.

  • It all starts with communication – which, as you have probably learned already, is the actual foundation of any good, functioning, healthy relationship. Discuss with your fiancé and explain to each other how you see your ideal wedding. Even if you don’t see it the exact same way from the very beginning, good communication and a touch of compromise will get you there – it will help you build the wedding that feels perfect for both. Of course, don’t forget to include here the size of the wedding as well.

  • Be realistic. If you know your budget isn’t very generous, you should be realistic and accept that you can either have a very modest, but larger wedding, or a dreamy, more intimate one. Certain compromises can be made to create the kind of event you will actually enjoy – but it is very important to be realistic about this from the very beginning.

  • Set your magic rules. Some couples decide not to invite people they haven’t seen face to face in more than two years. Others prefer to keep it really simple: would they miss a person if they weren’t able to attend the wedding? If yes, that person should go on the guest list. If no, you can probably skip the invitation altogether.

  • Tackle the family issue carefully. This can be highly sensitive for most couples, but as soon as you are both on the same page and you stand your ground, you shouldn’t feel obliged to invite distant relatives just because your parents want this. Talk to them and explain your concerns – they will understand the reasoning (sooner or later).

Looking for a wedding planner who can help you plan your dream wedding within your real budget? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea in South Carolina and allow us to be the ones who make your ideal wedding actually happen!

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