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These Quote-Based Wedding Décor Ideas Are Amazing!

You deserve to have the kind of wedding that mirrors you, your style, and your love story. Yes, this is a completely unique moment in your life and yes, you should totally infuse it with who you are in every way there is.

Adding some quotes to your wedding can make it more personal and special, and when those quotes are nicely incorporate into the décor, it can definitely make everything feel even more amazing!

How do you do it?

We have gathered some quote-based wedding décor ideas for you – so read on and find your inspiration.

  • The aisle. Walking down the aisle is bound to be one of the most emotional and unforgettable moments of your life any way – but if you add your special quote to it, this can turn into something even more original! You can print out your favorite quote on the aisle runner itself, or, if you plan on having an outdoor wedding, you can have a few of your favorite quotes written on stones to step on during the wedding processional. This will look amazing, for sure!

  • The cake. OK, your cake is as much part of the décor as it’s part of the menu as well – but since it will be on display, you can definitely add something personal to it as well. For instance, you could have your favorite quote painted on one of its tiers. This is absolutely perfect for a simple white wedding cake with a twist!

  • The escort cards. Your escort cards, above anything else, practical. However, adding a personal note to them will make your guests feel even more special and it will surely add to the entire vibe created around your wedding day. You can print out escort cards containing your favorite quote, or you can choose a special quote for each of them (to make every single guest feel unique). The latter option does take a little more time, but it can turn into a very nice wedding favor and souvenir for your wedding guests – so if your guest list isn’t very long and time allows you to do this, definitely go for it!

Looking to hire a wedding planner to handle the details of the Big Day while you focus on the personal touches? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and allow us to help you plan the wedding of your dreams!

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