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We Bet Everyone at Your Wedding Will LOVE These Edible Favors!

Wedding favors are clearly not a must at any modern wedding – but still, there are a lot of reasons that make brides and grooms still offer these little tokens of gratitude. Wedding favors show you care and that you are thankful – plus, they complement your wedding in a really sweet way too.

What are some of the very best edible wedding favor ideas for your Big Day?

We have gathered some of the most inspiring ideas right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Mini cakes. Wouldn’t it be absolutely adorable to serve guests with mini cakes they can take away and indulge in the next day? There are so many beautiful ways to pull this off – you can even create miniature copies of your actual wedding cake and you can pack it in a nice, transparent box that will make everything look even more adorable.

  • Wedding themed cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies? There are a thousand ways to make cookies more wedding-worthy – including shaping them as hearts, or having them painted with your wedding monogram. Whatever you choose, your guests will definitely love these treats.

  • Fresh baskets of fruit. Planning on a summer wedding? How about offering your guests mini baskets of fresh fruit to indulge in late at night (or the next morning)? You can either settle on a type of fruit or a mix of them. Make sure to personalize the mini basket as well, to make it even better-suited for your Big Day!

  • Jars of… pickles. There’s nothing better to wake you up from a hangover other than a well-made pickle! Offer your guests personalized jars with homemade dill pickles and they will definitely appreciate the uniqueness of this small gift.

  • Fortune cookies. Offer your guests fortune cookies filled with love(ly) messages and they will have so much fun with this! Everyone loves a message in a cookie, and if you create the right ones, your guests will definitely appreciate the originality of your wedding favors.

Have you hired a wedding planner for your perfect Big Day in South Carolina? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and allow us to be the ones who will help you plan your wedding in the most stress-free way there is. With us on your side, you are bound to have an amazing Big Day!

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