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Foundations for a Happy Marriage

As much as we are focused on you having a great wedding, you having a happy marriage afterward is also important to us. First, you must understand that a happy marriage is possible and that it takes more than finding the right partner. You should also know that there is no magic potion or wand to make your wish of a happy marriage come true. What we’ve put together here, are general tips that have been found to work by more than one couple in a successful, happy marriage. We also implore you to remember that every marriage is unique, so find what works for your marriage and together with your partner, take determined steps towards it. Ready for the general steps that you can take towards, having a happy marriage? If yes, then keep reading.

  • Communication

Communication is a great tool for cultivating a happy marriage. Tell your spouse how you feel, the things that are important to you and make sure to listen to them too. Face to face communication is usually best. Take time out in your marriage for heart-to-heart talks with your spouse. In your communication, avoid shouting and words that might be harmful to each other.

  • Be the Right Spouse

Marriage is not only about finding the right spouse; being the right spouse is also important. Wake up each morning and decide to be the best person that you can be to your spouse. Try to do at least one thing that will put a smile on their face before the day is out. A marriage where you are both putting in your best to make each other happy is bound to work.

  • Stay Faithful

Staying faithful to your partner is a sure way to have a happy marriage. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce in marriages today. Apart from the emotional toll it takes on your marriage and your partner, cheating could also have serious bad health implications involved. Make a joint decision with your partner to learn how to be more in love with each other every day, and be disciplined enough to stay focused on each other only.

Just as you are making plans to have a happy marriage, let Dazzle (Events) by Andrea handle the planning of your wedding. We are located in South Carolina and have the licenses and the experience to make sure your day goes beautifully. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us and watch us make your dream wedding a reality.

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