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The Wedding Planning Checklist

You might have been planning your wedding for a while and want to be sure that you are not leaving anything important out. That's why we've made this list for you. If you seek a wedding planner in Columbia, South Carolina, look no further than here. The following are most, but not all, of the things that you need ready before your wedding day.

  • The Guest List

Aka, the people who will show up for your ceremony. Make sure you avoid adding too many people and that your partner is in agreement with your list.

  • The Location

Well, you obviously can't hold your wedding on thin air. We hope you find a location that both you and your partner are happy with.

  • The Catering

Food is an important part of your wedding ceremony. Decide on your menu and who will be doing the catering. Book ahead of time to avoid disappointments too.

  • The Flowers

It is not a wedding without flowers. Who's handling your bouquet, centerpieces and the rest? What type of flowers have you chosen? Are they ready?

  • The Invitations

If your guests don't know and save the date, then nobody will be there. Send out those invites and make sure they RSVP. This will help you have a fair idea of how many people to expect.

  • The Entertainment

By entertainment, we mean music. Are you going with a live band or DJ? Have you notified them yet and chosen your songs? Get right to it after this, if you haven't.

  • The Bar

Beer, wine, cocktails, they won't magically show up at your event! Find out if your location has a bar or you'll have to set up one by yourself.

  • The Fashion

Fittings, rentals and all the accessories. Are they ready for your big day? Head straight to the stores now if you don't have them yet.

  • The Rings

No, the officiant will not just pull the rings for your ceremony out of thin air. Even if he has a side job as a magician. You have to get them yourselves, before the wedding.

  • The Photography

Have you chosen a photographer? Did you look through their portfolio and decide what best works for you? How about negotiating a price? Did you carefully read through the contract? Now is the time!

  • Or, Just Get a Wedding Planner

Save yourself the stress of laboring through all of the above-listed things and hire a professional to do them. Dazzle (Events) by Andrea can do those and more for you.

Let Dazzle (Events) by Andrea turn the wedding of your dreams into a reality. Contact us right now!

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