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Easy-to-pack Décor Ideas for Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are truly one-of-a-kind because couples often travel long distances to exotic locations to begin their new and exciting life. And while a destination wedding has fewer people, planning it may be quite the challenge.

One of the challenges you might encounter while planning your destination wedding is selecting the right décor for your location. Couples may be forced to make do with the available décor at their preferred venue, which may not be part of their original vision for the big day.

You can avoid this by bringing a few easy-to-carry décor items. The few ideas outlined below can help you with this!

  • Whimsical Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are lightweight and simple to fold; they’re a fantastic way to add splashes of color to your wedding venue. In addition, paper lanterns come in various hues and forms that are sure to complement your wedding theme.

The beauty of paper lanterns is best appreciated when used in large numbers; they improve the ambiance and will certainly wow your visitors. You may hang them from the ceiling with twine.

They can also be utilized to create lighting effects. When used in huge quantities, paper lanterns add to the ambiance and will undoubtedly amaze your guests!

  • Buntings

Utilize buntings for simple but effective wedding décor. They entail hanging pom poms, flags made of burlap, and so on. For a bohemian look, you may use pompoms strung from ropes. From one end to the other, golden flags can be strung together for a more dramatic look. And because buntings are lightweight and take up little luggage space they are easy to pack.

  • Fairy Lights

Of course, weddings may often use lighting to accentuate or add romance to the atmosphere and provide a festive air. Fairy lights are pretty versatile and generally come in many hues, allowing you to be creative in creating a fairy-tale effect for your venue.

For example, you may decorate trees with fairy lights for an outside party or use them in your centerpieces or ceiling/canopy for a stunning overhead décor. Fairy lights are also cost-effective, requiring no maintenance.

Planning a wedding might be overwhelming; planning a destination wedding is even more challenging. You have to consider how comfortable your guests are, travel convenience, flight arrangements for you and your guests, the timeline, location, etc.

One way to overcome this is by working with the right planner; a destination wedding expert!.

Dazzle Events by Andrea plans one-of-a-kind destination weddings and offers a variety of wedding decorations and designs. We’re sure you’ll be delighted with our expert services. So, get in touch with us right now!


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