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What 4 Tips Would We Give for A Fun and Memorable Wedding?

Your wedding in South Carolina can be beautiful, sentimental or trendy. As one of the best wedding planning services in South Carolina, we’ve handled a lot of these. One of the best ways that a wedding can be is fun. What is a wedding if you, your family and friends do not get to have fun and enjoy what is surely one of life’s happiest moments? That’s why we’ve put together these 4 tips that could help make your wedding fun and memorable.

  • Don’t Number Your Tables, Name Them with A Song Instead

For example: “The Happy by Pharrell Williams” table. Whenever that table hears the song Happy come on, they all have to get up and dance. This is a great way to ensure that everyone at your wedding joins in at least 1 dance. Fun right? We think so.

  • Creative RSVPs

Go beyond sending the regular RSVPs that people tend to forget and send something creative. For example, you could ask everyone to respond with a song they’d like to hear at the wedding alongside. An RSVP with a fun and catchy design is also a fun way to go.

  • Be Creative with Your Guest Book

Do more than just providing a book and pen. You could also have your guests leave small notes for you in a wedding piñata. You can then break it open in a year and read each 1. They’ll bring tears of joy and happiness to you and your spouse.

  • An Artsy Darts Competition

In this one, your guests can use darts to pop balloons filled with paint on a white canvass a little distance away. This can create a fun art piece that you can hang up at your home as you begin your life together as a couple.

Here at Dazzle (Events) by Andrea, we’re committed to the success of your wedding. One of the things that makes a wedding successful is the amount of fun involved. We have lots of experience when it comes to planning and executing memorable, fun weddings and would love to work with you. Contact us today!

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