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3 Things to Consider Before Packing For Your Destination Wedding

With traditional weddings, getting ready or putting things together for your venue isn’t quite the same as packing for a destination wedding.

You’ll have to consider your dress, welcome bags, honeymoon clothes, decorations, and favors for a destination wedding. If you don’t have a solid plan in place, packing itself can seem pretty daunting.

We say this because you’ll have to deal with excess luggage, run-ins with custom officers, and more.

So, consider these things before packing for your destination wedding, because you can’t possibly travel with everything you want. Not everything will be necessary.

  • For The Bride

Weddings are often the bride’s show (destination or not), so a bride will need to recollect her thoughts and figure out how to move all her relevant property from one point to the other.

The saying, “there are two kinds of luggage - the carry-on and the lost,” might seem like an exaggeration, but it isn’t. There’s truth in these words. So you mustn’t lose your wedding dress. That’s probably the most important item in your luggage. We advise you to carry it in either a heavy-duty bag or the bag it came in.

  • For The Groom

Like the bride with her wedding dress, the groom should also do the same or employ a simple folding; this would help fit into an overhead compartment. Any hotel’s cleaning (and ironing) service can always handle folds and creases from the folding.

  • For The Guests

Your wedding guests should get the invitation on time for the required dress code. For instance, a Bahamas wedding is typically more casual than a traditional wedding; guests will be expected to dress less formally.

Also, don’t expect your wedding guests to travel with wedding gifts; that’s not necessary. Many will prefer to send them to your home, so be mindful of that.

While a destination wedding may seem relatively simple because it’s often small and intimate, planning one requires impeccable attention to detail. That is why Dazzle Events by Andrea is your best bet for planning a fabulous destination wedding!

We also offer wedding design and decoration and other excellent wedding planning services! Dazzle Events by Andrea will make sure you have a fantastic wedding! Contact us today.


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