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Choose wedding centerpieces that accompany your theme

Your wedding centerpieces will bring joy and elegance to your wedding tables – and, same as many other wedding elements, they should be perfectly coordinated with your wedding theme. How to do that, though? How to choose a centerpiece style that truly suits you and your wedding? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Classic. You are the kind of bride who wants a ballgown and a wedding venue that’s elegant and timeless. Most likely, you want a wedding inspired by the movies and you also want to follow the best rules of etiquette too. Therefore, your centerpieces should be perfectly organized and really tidy – as for the blooms themselves, going for classics (such as white roses, peonies or hydrangeas) can never fail.

  • Glamorous. You are a bride who wants to feel like a true VIP on your wedding day – and you’re definitely prepared to go to large extents to achieve this. Your centerpieces should speak about luxury and opulence, they should be magnificent and they should splendidly add sophistication to every table as well. Settle for tall centerpieces, generous blooms and crystal décor – it will perfectly blend into your wedding theme.

  • Vintage. Charmed by the beauty of the good, old days, vintage brides want their weddings to be infused with the fashion and style of the decades past. Choose flowers that are toned-down, yet very elegant – and don’t forget to decorate them with antique pieces, such as heirlooms or clocks. They will gorgeously complement your vintage-inspired wedding décor!

Dazzle (Events) by Andrea is here to make your dream wedding come true. Come visit us, take a look at the wedding planning options we offer and hire us if you want to have a splendid-looking, smoothly-planned wedding day. You will not regret your choice!

Photo source: pudgeefeet

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