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Make Your Wedding Feel Utterly Personal with These Ideas

As the bride and groom, you want to create an event nobody will ever forget – but that is hard to do when you simply “copy-paste” ideas you see in magazines, without connecting them with who you are. In the end, your wedding day is meant to send you off to your married life and to mirror your love story until then.

How to bring personality into your wedding?

Here are some tips and ideas you might want to use:

  • Personal welcome bags. Aside from the special message you personalize the bags with (a monogram, a cute pun, or simply words that are meaningful to you)), you can always personalize the content of the bags as well. For instance, you could fill it with items you actually enjoy – like snacks or sweets you like or which are connected to your relationship somehow (e.g. a type of chocolate you discovered when you visited Europe for the first time, for example).

  • Organize a musical moment…where you are the star. If you want to surprise your loved one (and your guests!) with something romantic and artistic at the same time, how about prepping a song for them? Think of a tune that really represents you and your loved one and learn how to pull it off. It will make your Big Day unforgettable!

  • Bring your pet. In the end, they are part of the family just like anyone else – so why not bring them to witness such a grand moment in your life? You don’t have to keep them for the entire wedding (given that the noise and the people might scare them), but you can definitely incorporate your pup or kitten into some of the wedding moments – even if it’s just for the pictures.

  • Write a cute message on the cake. Want a cake that looks classy and doesn’t need a lot of decorations to be really meaningful? Have the pastry chef write a special dedication or a verse you like on it. It’s such a simple and beautiful way of sending your message across!

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