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Groomzillas exist too!

Frequently associated with the bride only, wedding planning can really put a toll on everyone involved in the Big Day. From the future mother-in-law down to the bridesmaids, all people connected to the bride and to the wedding planning process can suffer from stress and anxiety before such an important event in their lives.

Obviously, the groom makes no exception from the rule. In fact, Groomzillas exist too! Here are some things to know about these grooms and how to “spot” them in time, so that you can make things easier for them as well.

  • He is indecisive about a lot of wedding decisions. Most of the times, he acts very passive about your questions (and even about the tasks you give him) – and then he suddenly snaps and complains about the fact that his opinion should be taken into consideration too. Treat him with love, though – he’s just as stressed out as you are and wedding planning can be quite overwhelming for someone who isn’t very familiar with the process. You’ve been thinking of this ever since you were 7 – and he has just been introduced to a world of colors, fabrics and themes.

  • He find it hard to compromise on the guest list. He wants all his childhood friends and cousins with him on the Big Day. But, realizing that you simply cannot invite everyone, he overreacts and deletes all his guests from the list. Again, this is a matter to be discussed calmly – the last thing you want is to fight between yourselves!

  • He complains about his tuxedo. Yes, you want to look gorgeous on your wedding day – but your groom wants to look at his best too. So, if he complains about the tuxedo being too tight, too simple or even too black, listen to him and see how things can be solved. Every issue has a solution – so find it together!

Searching for a wedding planner to help you make things smoother before and on the wedding day? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and you will be delighted by our professional, dedicated and truly creative wedding planning services!

Photo source: Emery Co Photo

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