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Your Summer wedding signature cocktail should be delicious!

Your summer wedding is going to be a true success – especially if you make sure to pay attention to some details and perfectly bring together the different elements of the Big Day. For example, your wedding signature cocktail should match not only the general theme of your wedding, but it should also match the vibes outside.

How to create a really delicious summer signature cocktail? Here are some wonderful ideas to inspire you:

  • White sangria. Rich and delicious, sangria is an all-time favorite for most people – so your guests will surely be satisfied. To make your signature sangria more special, replace the red wine with white wine and place red fruit in it. The drink will receive a beautiful color to perfectly complement your wedding day.

  • Pim’s cup. Although this is a drink everyone knows of, you can make it more special by adding not only cucumber slices, but also fruit bits and even ginger ale. We guarantee guests will really love this idea!

  • Lemonade-champagne. Want to serve champagne in a unique way? Forget about serving it “bare” and mix it with lemonade. It will be a combination your guests will absolutely love, even if they have never had it before.

  • Lemonade and vodka. Another classic cocktail, lemonade and vodka can leave a lot of room for creativity. For example, changing the normal vodka with pear vodka and adding lavender to the entire mix can make it all feel more summery, sweeter and definitely more surprising for your guests.

Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and we will make sure every single element of your dream wedding comes true in a flawless, beautiful and completely anxiety-free way. Contact us and leave your wedding planning to our experienced and dedicated hands – we will never disappoint you!

Photo source: kirakiraheart

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