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Top reasons why you should go-green for your wedding day

Green is not only a trendy wedding color we meet with every spring and summer – it is also a very powerful current of thought that has already managed to touch the bridal world as well. It is completely understandable why: in a world where the environment is suffering, doing something about it shouldn’t be an option, but a rule all of us have to adhere to.

How is a green wedding much more beneficial for you? Aside from saving the environment, what other benefits are there for you as a bride-to-be? Read on, find out more and prepare yourself to go green for your wedding day.

  • Not surprisingly, a green wedding will be a lot less stressful. Because green weddings focus a lot on simplicity and on keeping things low-key and naturally pretty, there will be a lot less stress associated with planning the big day. We all know just how crazy it can all get when you have too many things to handle for this special event in your life – so why not make your engagement happier and more relaxing by going green?

  • Yet, what may be surprising is that a green wedding will also cost a lot less too. Going green with your plates and glassware, with your décor, with your florals, with your produce – these are changes that can have a huge impact on the environment, but they can also save you tons of money too.

  • Last, but definitely not least, a green wedding will be stunning. Unique and really close to the natural beauty we all love so much, green weddings tend to be really unforgettable – and what bride wouldn’t want this for her big day?

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Photo source: Derick Adame

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