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These outdoor garden games will bring tons of entertainment to your wedding reception

Your wedding should be really fun for your guests – so, as the host of the Big Day, you will surely want to make sure you provide them with everything they need to make for unforgettable memories. Of course, the drinks, the food, the music and the entire ambiance and décor all matter a lot – but if you want to spice things up with a little extra, garden games are a great idea for an outdoor wedding.

What are some of the best garden games to include in a wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and inspire yourself!

  • Board games. Classic and relaxing, board games are always appreciated by people of all ages – so bringing some of the most well-known ones to your wedding is sure to be a success. Furthermore, if you want to make things even more entertaining, you could bring oversized versions of some of the most popular board games – guests will love this!

  • Space hoppers. Fun and very childish, space hoppers are absolutely amazing when it comes to making guests have real fun and create memorable moments. Organize a space hopper contest and guests will love being kids again and compete against each other in a fun race!

  • Table football. Another classic game, table football is great if you don’t have too much space for your outdoor entertainment, but still want to provide guests with something active, fun and unique. We guarantee everyone will want to play this game!

Dazzle (Events) by Andrea plans weddings that are unforgettable from all points of view – so if you are searching for a great wedding planner to help you with the details of the Big Day, you should definitely contact us as soon as possible. You will never regret your choice!

Photo source: humbert15

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