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Videography is a great way to capture your wedding day memories

There are life events that deserve everything from us. Special anniversaries, the moments your children are born, the moment you graduate from school – they are all unforgettable seconds, minutes and hours of your life. And they are more than worth your attention!

Of all these events, your wedding is most likely one of the biggest, most unique and most important ones. So it’s only natural to want to capture it in a way that speaks about you as a couple. How can videography help you with this – and even more importantly, what are the wedding videography styles of the moment? Here are some tips to help you decide on what’s right for you and your wedding style:

  • While photography is definitely a “must” to include in a wedding day, the truth is that a videographer’s work can add even more to the big day itself. For example, he will be able to capture the big “I do” live, as it happens – and how happy you will be to be able to re-watch this years and even decades from now!

  • The best part about modern wedding videography is that it can truly suit you as a couple. For example, if you are more traditional and if you want an elegant wedding, a cinematic video will capture your big day in a way that suits you and your wedding style.

  • On the other hand, if you want something more unconventional, you have plenty of options too. From stop-motion wedding videos to same-day videos and even wedding videos inspired by famous movies, it can all be done – and more than that, it can be done in a gorgeously unique way!

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Photo source: ºNit Soto

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