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Every wedding should have some confetti

Of course, your wedding is yours alone and you have the right to do whatever you want when planning it. Why would you want to include confetti in your Big Day – and even more importantly, how to do this in a truly unique way that complements your wedding style and theme? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Vintage suitcases can be used as a very beautiful piece of décor for the ceremony. Place them right at the exit and fill them up with confetti, so that people can grab some on their way out and toss them on you as you exit. A really pretty touch that will complement a vintage, Victorian or shabby-chic wedding!

  • Confetti popsicles are playful and cute – so they are more than suitable for a quirky, whimsical wedding. If you want to add a touch of childishness and color to your wedding, “serve” guests with confetti pops they can open and toss for your grand exit – people will love the idea!

  • Words are amazingly powerful – so why not use them for your wedding décor too? Use confetti to spell out a meaningful word (such as “Love” or your initials, for example) on a table near the ceremony exit. Leave a sign to let people know they are invited to grab some confetti themselves, so that they can toss it on you as you exit – they will have tons of fun with this!

Dazzle Events (by Andrea) can help you have a marvelous wedding day – so if you are searching for a wedding planner in South Carolina, be sure to contact us. Let’s talk about your dream wedding –and we promise to help you make it come true. Let’s talk about your love story – and we promise it will be celebrated in the most stunning way there is!

Photo source: gmoorenator

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