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These music trends will help inspire your wedding entertainment

Your wedding entertainment is one of the absolutely fundamental elements of your big day. After all, what you want most is to have guests who create memorable moments at your wedding and who have a genuinely great time celebrating your love.

What are some of the latest and most popular music trends to inspire your wedding day? We have some suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Acoustic performances. Want to make your wedding feel like a very unique event? Hire a live performer for an acoustic show. It will definitely enchant everyone – and it can make for the perfect way to start the entire wedding reception.

  • Don’t settle for the band OR for the DJ. Settle for both of them! More and more couples are doing this precisely because it saves them the trouble to select from the two options. Plus, this is a wonderful way to diversify your wedding and make the ceremony feel totally different from the reception (if, for example, you choose to hire the band for the ceremony and the DJ for the reception).

  • New twists for old songs. Many of the traditional wedding songs are absolutely superb and meaningful – so, if you really like them, you can always ask your band (or even your DJ) to prepare (or find) a modern cover of these older songs. It will make everything feel so special!

  • Bridal party dances. Want to make your bridesmaids and groomsmen feel amazing? Plan a special choreographed dance for them. They will surely love being in the spotlight for at least a few minutes – and this is a really great way to show them how important they are for you.

Searching for a fantastic wedding planner? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and we will be there for you, to help you plan the most fabulous wedding your guests have ever been to! Trust our experience and you will not regret it!

Photo source: texburgher

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