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Get creative with your wedding entertainment

Your wedding should be tons of fun – but what happens when you want to offer something more than the traditional music and dancing? How to be creative with your wedding entertainment? We have gathered some of the very best ideas to inspire you – so read on and find out more.

  • DIY food bars. They have been around for some time now – but they are a truly endless source of creativity. From DIY doughnuts to DIY mac’n’cheese, these foods bars will have people queuing up to make their own versions of staple foods everyone loves. The latest addition to the limitless pool of ideas? The DIY knickerbocker sundae bar – with toppings, ice cream, sundae dishes and wafers, people will get more than creative!

  • Unique drinks. If your food is unique, why wouldn’t your drinks be truly entertaining too? Bring in the special fizzle and an original signature cocktail and your guests will absolutely love indulging in these treats!

  • Heritage touches. Your wedding should be yours – so if you are proud of your heritage, why not infuse your wedding with elements that remind people where you come from? The music, the foods, the attires – they can all be “touched” by what defines you as a couple and as individuals.

  • Lighting up the skies. This is a huge day in your life, so it deserves all the grandeur possible. Therefore, having a fireworks show at your wedding is more than suitable – and it will surely make for some pretty magical moments too. People will definitely enjoy the show!

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Photo source: mrs.tom

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