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Do not forget to include these wedding expenses

Your love story deserves the best wedding ever – and while dreaming up the entire concept, the colors and the theme are definitely important parts of the entire planning process, the truth is that you will first have to handle your budget plan.

How to do that? What are some of the wedding expenses you should really not forget about, so that your budget is as accurate and realistic as possible? Here are some tips you might want to keep in mind:

  • The gratuities. Tipping your wedding vendors is not absolutely mandatory – but it is most definitely customary. Still, before you hand out the gratuities, check with your contracts once more to see exactly if they aren’t included there.

  • The wedding favors. Again, these may not be mandatory and you can totally skip them or replace them with donations made in your guests’ name – but if you do want to offer wedding favors, be sure you include them in your initial budget.

  • The cake service fee. Most of the times, the cake service will be charged as a separate fee – and you will also have to make sure you have a beautiful knife for the cake cutting moment as well. Do take these into account when planning the financial side of your wedding day!

  • The alterations. It is quite likely that your wedding gown will need alterations, as few brides can fit perfectly into their dresses as they get them off the rack. Remember to take this into consideration when planning the budget for your wedding gown as well!

Looking for an experienced wedding planner able to help you with all of these details – and so much more? Contact Dazzle (Events) By Andrea and we will make sure your wedding is absolutely unforgettable!

Photo source: Bentley

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