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Create a fun wedding bar for your big day

Your wedding should be memorable for all those invited! Sure, you will remember the magic, emotion and life-changing sentiments this day will leave in your life. Beyond that though, you will also want your wedding guests to enjoy themselves and create nice memories too.

How to do this? How to create a fun wedding bar that will add a bit of salt and pepper to your wedding entertainment? We have some wonderful ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • A mimosa bar. Everybody loves mimosas – and these cocktails are more than appropriate for such a huge celebration such as your wedding. Pull together different ingredients mimosas are made with and allow guests to make their own unique combinations. They will love it!

  • A grilled cheese bar. Who doesn’t love a classic comforting treat? Grilled cheese sandwiches are at the very heart of the American cuisine – so it is more than likely that everybody at your wedding will have fun designing their own perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

  • A rootbeer float bar. Looking for exciting non-alcoholic drinks for the little ones and for the guests who are driving? Rootbeer float is one of everyone’s all-time favorites, so bring together the very best ingredients for this bar and allow your guests to “play around” and create the best rootbeer float they’ve ever tasted!

  • A s’mores bar. S’mores are the epitome of the Great American Outdoors. They are the childhood treat we all remember from camping, they have a taste hard to equal and they will always make us all happy. Organize a s’mores bar with different tasty ingredients and your guests will love indulging in it!

Looking for a reliable wedding planner to help you with everything? Come visit Dazzle (Events) by Andrea. Come visit us and allow us to be part of your love story in the most beautiful way possible!

Photo source: Tim Pierce

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