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Cherish your proposal by capturing it through photographs

“Do you want to marry me” is probably one of the biggest and most important questions you will ever ask – and the event surrounding these special words is absolutely unique, sentimental and unforgettable too. Of course, you will always cherish the moment you proposed – and while your memory will surely “store” the magic of this splendid life change, you might also want to capture it in beautiful photography.

Why would you do that? Here are 3 reasons to convince you:

  • This moment is so, so short! You’ve been planning it for months and it will be gone in less than a few minutes! The nervousness and anxiety, the beauty, the love – they will all reach their highest peak the moment your loved one says “Yes”. And it will all be over much too soon! Why not capture the magic in photography that speaks about your love story?

  • The proposal is just as important as the wedding. If you are like most couples, you surely want to hire a professional photographer for the Big Day – so why wouldn’t you want to do it for your marriage proposal too? Regardless of whether you choose to “hide” your photographer or to simply re-enact the moment for the camera, this event is more than deserving of a special photo shooting.

  • It’s all part of your amazing love story. Want to show your children how their father proposed to you? Have the moment captured by a camera and add the pictures to your wedding album! They will be the perfect complement for a truly amazing Big Day!

Looking for a wedding planner able to help you with all planning-related issues? Come visit Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and allow us to be part of your love story! Our services are here to help you have a truly unforgettable wedding day!

Photo source: Andrew Abogado

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