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Choose a rustic theme for your beautiful big day

If you are the kind of couple who loves being close to nature and if you want your wedding day to represent you entirely, a rustic wedding theme is more than perfect for you. With this theme’s popularity over the past few years, you will surely be able to pull off a fantastic event everyone will love!

What are the basics to remember when planning a rustic wedding, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • There’s nothing more important than the location. You really need to look into this and research venues that are aligned with the idea of a rustic wedding. Barns, historical venues, countryside mansions, national parks – they are all more than viable, but in general, as long as your location is surrounded by natural beauty, it will be more than perfect for a rustic event.

  • Yes, the décor and flowers are obviously important too. But thankfully, you’ve got plenty of choices and creative freedom here! Combine burlap and lace for exquisite-yet-rustic touches, bring in wood and mason jars, use antiques and vintage furniture, bring together big blooms and wild flowers, add fruit and pinecones here and there – there’s oh-so-much you can do!

  • Let us not forget about the sweet treat. Since this is a centerpiece at your wedding, you will surely want it to be tuned in with the wedding theme too. How about a classic buttercream cake decorated with nature-inspired elements? Or maybe a modern naked cake? Whichever you choose, your guests will be more than impressed, that’s for sure!

Looking for someone experienced to help you plan the most amazing rustic wedding ever? Contact Dazzle (Events) By Andrea and we will provide you with our expertise, passion and attention to detail!

Photo source: RachIgnatiev

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