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Perfect colors for your bridesmaids’ dresses

Your bridesmaids are absolutely lovely – they have signed up to helping you with the big day, but even more than that, they have become an integral part of its beauty. How to choose bridesmaids’ dresses colors that are trendy, timeless, and truly stunning at the same time? We have some ideas for you – so read on if you’re searching for inspiration.

  • Soft melon. This pale shade of yellow looks lively and stylish – and it matches the summer vibes more than anything ever could. The best part about it? It tends to look amazingly good on most complexions and it adds an air of playfulness not many other colors are capable of doing.

  • Strawberry ice. Looking for a bright color to dress your bridesmaids in? Strawberry ice is a very popular choice these days. Cold but vibrant at the same time, this color strikes the perfect balance between the liveliness of red and the sweetness of pink. And yes, it looks absolutely amazing on spring and summer bridesmaids!

  • Turquoise. If you’re a summer bride planning a beach wedding, there’s no other better color option than turquoise. Perfectly complementary to the romantic beach vibes, yet very powerful and full of life on its own, turquoise is the kind of color everyone loves – and for a million good reasons too.

  • Classic blue. Pastel and bright colors aren’t the only ones that go with spring and summer! In fact, a deep shade of classic blue can add a lot of sophistication to your bridesmaids’ looks. Choose this color if you want a stunningly elegant wedding that doesn’t miss out on originality and beauty.

Not sure how to plan or design your big day? Or maybe simply searching for someone to help you with the thousand-and-one wedding planning tasks? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and we promise to make your dream wedding come true – in the most stress-free way there is!

Photo source: Julius!

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