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Choose the right style for your big day

Your big day should definitely reflect who you are and what you love – and the best way to ensure everything looks just as you have always dreamed it to be is by choosing the right wedding style from the very beginning. How to do that? Here are some ideas to help you settle on the perfect style for your big day.

  • Are you romantic and traditional? Your wedding should focus on classic flower arrangements and over-the-top, luxurious, elegant décor, then! Most likely, your wedding will take place in a ballroom or other traditional wedding venue – and it will be surrounded by oversized floral centerpieces, chandeliers, and crystals.

  • Are you modern and edgy? You will surely want your wedding to take place in a location with an urban vibe to it. A museum or a loft will be absolutely perfect for you – and you will want to combine them with clean lines, elegant simplicity, statement elements, and mirrored effects.

  • Are you eclectic and playful? Your wedding will probably be focusing on a lot of different styles and colors. Moreover, you will want to incorporate unique elements of décor – such as colorful tassels hanging from the ceiling, multiple textures, and bohemian-chic patterns.

  • Are you classy and nature-loving? A garden wedding or a vineyard wedding will be perfect for you. An abundance of flower arrangements (most likely including bright wild flowers too), vintage and antique items, and a powerful nature-inspired ambiance will make your guests feel absolutely amazing!

Still looking for the right wedding planner – for someone who will understand what your dream wedding is consisted of, and someone who will know how to make it all happen? Come visit Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and allow us to help you plan your big day in big style!

Photo source: emily @ go haus go

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