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Gorgeous and Elegant: The Wedding Favors Everyone Wants

How many times have you left a wedding with a wedding favor that was simply not something you genuinely liked? Like a boring heart keychain, or a refrigerator magnet with the bride’s engagement ring, or a wrapped cupcake?

Well, you probably want your wedding to be different. You want to actually amaze guests with wedding favors they will enjoy – and we are here to help you with some of the prettiest, most elegant wedding favor ideas on the market. Read on to find your inspiration:

  • Compass. Planning a beach wedding? Make sure your wedding favors are centered on the same theme and offer guests gorgeous compasses covered in golden, rose golden or even bronze colors. They look amazing – and even more so when they are customized with your wedding monogram. So much elegance and uniqueness!

  • Bottle stopper. Big fan of wines? This wedding favor is absolutely perfect for a vineyard wedding, but it can work with pretty much every type of outdoor wedding, really. Offer guests personalized bottle stoppers and they will definitely want to take them home. From designs that speak about opulence to designs that are simple and minimalist, there’s something for just about everyone.

  • Notebook. There’s an entire craze created around the idea of a bullet journal – and if you’re one of the ladies who would much rather jot down than type on a phone, you can really admire the beauty of a gorgeously designed notebook. Personalize a few of them for your guests and they will definitely appreciate the gift as well!

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