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Top 4 Tips on How to Use Your Wedding Gown After the Big Day

Your wedding day will be magical – that’s for certain. And while you have definitely spent a lot of time dreaming it up, and even choosing the perfect details, you know very well that this is one day.

What happens with your wedding dress once the wedding day is over? Well, we have 4 ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Recycle it. Did you know a wedding gown can be gorgeously transformed into a christening dress (maybe for your niece, for a cousin, or for your own little girl)? Even more, a wedding dress can be beautifully re-shaped as a quilt as well – just imagine how emotional it will be to have that around the house and pass it down from generation to generation!

  • Sell it. Many brides choose to sell their dress because this is a good way to recover part of the price you paid for it. Although it may not be much (as compared to the original price), it is still a good way to make sure you are careful with your finances.

  • Donate it. Don’t need the money? Donate the dress to a bride-to-be who cannot afford one. Now, that’s a huge gesture a woman will be forever thankful for!

  • Preserve it. Probably one of the most popular options brides settle for, wedding dress preservation is a great way to ensure your gown will be intact decades from now. Who knows? Maybe one day, your own daughter will want to wear it or use it for her own wedding day!

Looking for the best wedding planner there is? Contact Dazzle (Events) By Andrea and we will help you plan the perfect Big Day, from A to Z, in the most stress-free way there is!

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