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Yum! These Dessert Bar Ideas Are Eye-Candy!

Dessert bars are clearly here to stay – everyone has one these days! Because you and your loved one are unique, and because your very love story is unique, you will definitely want to make sure your wedding is just as special as you are – and that includes your dessert bar as well.

What are some of the very best wedding dessert bar ideas of the moment? Take a look down below and inspire yourself from these eye-candy tips!

  • The naked cake. These cakes are so popular right now! Covered in just about anything and decorated with sugar, fresh fruit and flowers, these cakes are absolutely perfect for a rustic-chic wedding. Decorate your naked cake dessert bar with mini pies filled with seasonal fruit and goodies – people will just love munching on these until the big cake is served!

  • The unique take. Replace your classic table with something really original and outstanding, such as an ironing board. Place a cake decorated with geometrical shapes in the middle and surround it by quirky desserts, such as waffles and doughnuts. Irresistibly delicious indeed!

  • The sentimental touch. Want to make your dessert bar feel like a real statement, like part of your love story? Pick desserts from your home states, or from the places that are meaningful to you. Add a sign to each dessert to tell people what it means to you and why you have chosen to include it in such a special event. People will absolutely love the idea!

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