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Turn Rain to Your Advantage on the Big Day!

Your wedding day shouldn’t be spoiled by anything – but some things you simply cannot control. Take weather, for example. No matter how advanced science is, we cannot predict rain months ahead of time, so there’s just nothing you can do about the possibility of rain on your wedding day.

Should that get you down? You can actually turn this into an advantage for your Big Day – and here are some of the best ways to do this.

  • Make it fun. Rainy day? No problem, this is the perfect opportunity to wear a really fun pair of rubber boots and accessorize your bridal outfit with a chic umbrella. And yes, you can definitely wear a jacket as well - a leather one will look pretty amazing on you as a bride, for example.

  • Make it unforgettable. Rainy days are perfect for cozy rooms and lots of indoor fun – so don’t forget to gear up for this possibility and provide guests with hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and comfort snacks they can munch on while having fun. Also, DO make sure you have a plan B for your outdoor wedding – you really want to keep everyone dry and happy!

  • Make it majestic. Shooting wedding pictures out in the rain? Yes, please! These pictures will turn out more than marvelous, especially if you hire a photographer capable of moving past the lack of natural light to capture scenic, stunning, memorable pictures.

Found your South Carolina wedding venue yet? If not, you should totally check out Dazzle (Events) by Andrea – we’re here to help you have the most amazing, unforgettable, and beautiful wedding everyone has ever been to! Contact us if you want to leave stress behind and really enjoy the Big Day!

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