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Pinterest Wedding Ideas for the Perfect 2018 Wedding

Your wedding deserves to be perfect – so if you are looking for inspiration, you will definitely love what Pinterest offers. What are some of the biggest wedding trends on Pinterest in 2018, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and inspire yourself.

  • Sage weddings. Green has always been a pretty color to incorporate in weddings, especially in Spring events. However, this year Pinterest is coming forward with a super-fresh, muted, elegant version of a more classic “wedding green”: sage. Easy to work with and definitely beautiful, sage should definitely land on your wedding color scheme as well!

  • Boutique balloon décor. Gone are the days of simple (and tacky) balloons hanging from…everywhere. These days, balloons have grown to be a really elegant and stylish way of decorating a wedding. For instance, they could help you create a modern, fashionable, and really whimsical wedding ceremony background!

  • Wedding trivia. Most guests love “extra entertainment” at weddings (i.e. entertainment that goes beyond the classic food-drinks-music trio). So, if you want to get rid of garter and bouquet tosses and replace them with something more interactive, playing a “Wedding Trivia” game with your now-spouse could offer everyone some pretty good laughs and a good set of sweet memories as well.

  • Moroccan dishes. Want to bring a bit of spice and uniqueness into your wedding menu? Steal inspiration from the Moroccan cuisine. Delicious, spicy, unique, and definitely delightful, Moroccan dishes can really satisfy your guests.

Looking for someone to help you plan a truly flawless wedding day? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea – and do it as soon as possible. Tell us about your favorite wedding ideas, tell us about yourself and your love story, tell us about your dream wedding. We will make sure all of it is gorgeously incorporated into the most amazing wedding your guests have ever been to!

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