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Top 3 Seasonal Alternatives for Peonies

Peonies have long been a top favorite wedding flower – and truth be told, you have a lot of reasons to love them. However, if you plan on having a fall or winter wedding, you might end up realizing that peonies are either extremely expensive or completely inaccessible in the cool season.

What happens then? Are there any other replacements for peonies in fall and winter? Or maybe flowers you can use to combine with peonies, so that your bouquets look larger? We have some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

  • Chrysanthemums. These are the ultimate wedding flowers for fall. Opulent and romantic at the same time, these blooms come in a color variety large enough to suit most wedding color schemes. Plus, they look wonderful when combined with peonies – so you can use them to lower the costs by a lot.

  • English roses. Somewhere in between peonies and classic roses, David Austen (or English) roses are a lovely choice. They are very, very generous in terms of colors – you can settle for pastels, pure white, or bright colored ones, and you can create endless combinations that look stunning. Plus, they bloom from October to May – so they basically cover the entire cold season without any kind of issue.

  • Dahlias. Although they don’t bloom a lot in the cool season (just from June to October), these flowers are still a great choice for an early autumn wedding. They are delicate and beautiful, they are generous and they make bouquets pop with grace – so yes, everyone will love them!

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