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Games That Are Perfect for a Bridal Shower

Your friend’s bridal shower is a really great event – and you definitely want everything about it to turn out perfectly. After all, it is a pre-wedding event that will give guests a glimpse into the Big Day itself – so you surely want to make this as fun as possible.

What are some fun bridal shower-appropriate games you could play with your guests? We have some suggestions for you – so read on if you need a bit of inspiration.

  • Guessing the dress. What will the bride wear? Most of the bridal shower guests don’t know what dress the bride has settled on – so why not provoke their imagination and ask them to draw what they think the bride will wear? To make things even more fun, ask people to explain their choices verbally – everyone will love the idea!

  • Do you know the bride? Organize a contest with questions regarding the bride and her wedding. Whoever gets the largest number of right answers is the winner of the game! Remember to put up a prize too – it will make people more competitive, and this will only make things more fun!

  • Scratch cards. Did you know you can customize and buy your own scratch cards? Offering one of these at the entrance for each guest is a surefire way to stir their curiosity, especially if there are surprise gifts in the game. An easy and fun way of entertaining guests and keeping them interested until the end of the shower!

Looking for a brilliant wedding planner to help you with all the wedding-related tasks? Dazzle (Events) by Andrea is here for you – so don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. With us on your side, your wedding day is bound to be amazing!

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