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Bridal Shower Tips You Should Definitely Know

Your wedding day is obviously very important to you – but so are the pre-wedding events, right? In the end, these events build up the excitement before the actual wedding and offer guests an intimate and sweet experience – so you really want to make sure they turn out great.

For example, what are some of the bridal shower tips you should definitely know if you don’t live in the same city you were born in? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Etiquette says it’s not the bride who hosts the bridal shower (mostly because it would feel like asking for gifts). So this will most likely be handled by your Maid of Honor, mother, a friend, or anyone else you trust and appreciate.

  • If you don’t live in the same city you grew up into, you should consider having multiple bridal showers. Take a look at your guest list and see if you can group people according to the location (e.g. a group for the city where you currently live, another one for your hometown, another one for your fiancé’s side of the family, etc.). Also, try to find someone to plan the bridal shower in each location – we’re sure they’ll be honored!

  • If you think this would be too much, do consider throwing the bridal shower a few days before the wedding when most guests will be in town for the actual Big Day. This might actually be a more comfortable option for them (as opposed to traveling twice, for the bridal shower and for the wedding).

Have you found your perfect wedding planner in South Carolina? If you are still searching, be sure to contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea right now – we’ll make sure to provide you with the best wedding planning services on the market!

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