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These People Don’t Actually Have to Be in Your Wedding Party

Bringing together a wedding party may sound easy and fun – until it stops being so straight-forward and you get lost in the maze of acquaintances, wedding etiquette rules, and pleas imposed by your in-laws.

Who are the people you should definitely not feel obliged to include in your wedding party for your Big Day in South Carolina? We have some tips to help you make the right choices – so read on and find out more.

  • Exes. OK, this may feel like common sense for many, but even if you’re super best friends with your Ex and even if you feel that you’ve both moved on, asking them to be part of your wedding party is bound to be a disaster. If you won’t feel actually uncomfortable, it’s almost a guarantee that either your SO or your actual Ex will feel weird about the entire situation. Maybe skip the idea altogether.

  • Opposite sex best friends. Your fiancé has a girl best friend and you’re totally OK with that. Does it mean you should absolutely include her in your bridesmaid squad, even if you’re not that good of a friend with her? NO! It definitely doesn’t mean that!

  • Your friend’s SO. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been together – you really shouldn’t feel obliged to invite your friend’s husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or life partner to be in your own SO’s wedding party.

  • Parents, grandparents, or god parents. All of these wonderful people who have shaped the awesome human being you are right now mean a lot to you and they will definitely play a huge role in your wedding day. That doesn’t mean you should include them in the wedding party too – there are other roles to assign to those you care about.

  • Anyone who’s too busy. Work, life events, pregnancy, kids, school – it doesn’t mean why your friend may be busy. As a good friend, you will understand that and you will either accept they won’t be that involved in the wedding planning process or you will ask someone else to be in your wedding party instead.

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