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Do You Know How to Say “No” During the Wedding Planning?

Planning a South Carolina wedding is difficult from many points of view. To start with, wedding planning involves a lot of details that have to be perfectly well-coordinated with each other. Furthermore, it also involves dealing with a lot of people – and some of them may have their own special requests.

What happens when you simply cannot and don’t want to meet these requests? Do you know how to say “no” during your wedding planning? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Just say it out loud. It’s harsh and it might make the other person feel a bit bad, but it’s really the best thing you can do. Remember though, there are ways to be polite about this. You could use their request or idea for another pre-wedding event. You could turn it into something you like. Or you could just plain and simply lay out your thinking and why you don’t think it’s a good idea. Whatever it is, do it kindly and politely.

  • Remember that your entire marriage’s happiness will be based on communication and compromise. Take your wedding planning as a test for this. Learn how to communicate with your friends and family, as well as with your fiancé. Learn how to reach compromise solutions that satisfy everyone – more often than not, this is actually possible.

  • Stay steady and don’t make exceptions. Reaching a universal compromise is one thing – but making exceptions for this person and that other person is generally a bad idea. For example, if you have decided not to invite children at your wedding, don’t make an exception for your Maid of Honor (unless her daughter is the flower girl, for instance). Stay steady and be strong. Explain to people why you have taken a certain decision and why you can’t make an exception. Doing this once will eventually lead to a second exception, a third one, and then, before you know it, the rules you’ve been trying to instate will be but a memory.

Looking for a wedding planner to help you organize everything and handle wedding etiquette the proper way in a modern context? Contact Dazzle (Events) By Andrea in South Carolina – we have the experience, the passion, and the high attention to detail you need to make your wedding day truly stand out!

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