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4 Things You Should Consider about Your Maid of Honor

Your Maid of Honor is your best friend – and you love her to the skies and back, not just because she’s the amazing super-woman who has supported you throughout the South Carolina wedding planning process, but also the amazing human being who has always been there for you (perhaps even before you and your SO met).

What are some of the things you should definitely consider about your Maid of Honor? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • She wants you to be considerate of her financial situation. She’s spending a lot of money on the wedding and pre-wedding events – and although she definitely doesn’t expect you to foot the bill for the candy bar at the bridal shower, she would definitely appreciate it if you asked her if she’s OK from this point of view and if there’s something you can do to make it easier on her pocket.

  • She wants a plus-one. Even if she may not be in a serious relationship, she might still like to bring someone with her to the wedding. Offer her (and the other bridesmaids) this option, they will be more than appreciative of the gesture.

  • She wants to choose the type of dress she wears. After all, she’ll be in the spotlight and she wants to look good – so allowing her to choose at least the dress design will definitely be more than welcomed. Plus, it’s really trendy now to have a mismatched wedding party – so you will definitely love how they look as long as you set some “ground rules” (such as color and length, for example).

  • She wants you to know she’s got it all handled in terms of “bridal party drama”. There are a lot of things going on behind your back you may not even know about – but your bridal squad leader is handling everything gracefully. Thank her for that – she will love a bit of appreciation for everything she has to deal with and for the fact that she isn’t pushing issues towards you.

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