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You Really Need to Use These Wedding Planning Apps

You have your favorite apps. They might be social media apps, or simply games. They might even be apps that help you organize your daily tasks. Or simply apps that help you relax, listen to music, unwind on your way back home from work.

There’s an app for everything, indeed – and your wedding planning makes no exception whatsoever.

On the contrary, actually! There are so many amazing apps you can use when planning your wedding! Following, we have gathered some of the best ones – so read on and find out more.

  • WedSocial by WeddingWire. This app is perfect for brides who aren’t into the whole hashtag game, but who really want their guests to be able to access all wedding photos shared on the social media. The best part about it? You can control who sees the pictures – so if there’s anyone outside of your wedding guest list you really don’t want to peek into your wedding photos, you can definitely do this now.

  • Splitwise. Let’s face it: of all the wedding-related issues, money is frequently the most uncomfortable one. More specifically, money issues can be even more awkward when there are multiple persons covering the costs. If you want to make sure everything is kept track of very clearly and transparently, Splitwise is an excellent app for you.

  • Pantone Studio. Not sure what wedding color scheme to choose? This app created by Pantone is free to use and it will help you settle on the perfect color combination for your Big Day. Professional and easy to use, this app is an excellent choice for those of you who find wedding décor and wedding colors to be very important.

  • ThredUP. If you are looking for inexpensive wedding dresses and wedding clothes, this app is really amazing for you. ThredUP will provide you with tons of really valuable deals on wedding apparel, helping you save tons of money (which you can use, of course, to go on a more exotic honeymoon, or simply pay for a fancier wedding menu).

Looking for the best wedding planner in South Carolina? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and allow us to help you plan your wedding from A to Z. Contact us today and we guarantee your dream wedding will be on its way! We have the experience, the know-how, and the diligence needed to plan the perfect Big Day for you!

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