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DIY Wedding Hairdos Anyone Can Pull Off – Really!

You may be under the impression that you need to spend a lot of money on every wedding element for it to be perfect. While that may be the case in some situations, it’s most definitely not one of those rules you simply cannot overwrite.

Take your South Carolina wedding hairstyle, for example. Does it really have to be created by a professional bridal hairstylist?

  • No, not really. There are a lot of super-cute, ultra-feminine, simple, and elegant wedding hairstyles you can absolutely pull off on your own – and following, we have gathered just some of the ideas to help you with this. Read on and find out more.

  • A side ponytail. It really doesn’t get simpler than this - and yet, this is a very feminine and beautiful hairstyle you can absolutely wear on your wedding day. Add braids or accessories to it if you want to infuse it with a different style (e.g. a country chic vibe, for example). Add knots if you want it to look a bit more sophisticated. Play around and have fun with your side ponytail – it will look amazing!

  • Low volume bun. Looking for a bridal hairstyle that has a powerful retro vibe to it? Backcomb your hair, split it horizontally into two parts, and create a bouffant bun with the lower part. Bring the upper part on top of the bun, with a small twist and add a small bridal hair accessory into the mix to make sure it all looks picture-perfect. Simple, right? With a bit of practice, you can definitely create this in a matter of minutes!

  • Faux bob. This type of hairstyle may be a little more difficult to pull off – but it’s not even by far impossible. You need to play around with it a little more, you need to watch some tutorials, and you need to practice as much as you can – but overall, it’s an easy to create hairdo that will give you a fresh new look (one that’s really, really amazing for pretty much every bride out there).

Looking for a dedicated wedding planner to help you pull together all of your wedding day details for your South Carolina wedding? Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and allow us to be the ones who help you create the most amazing and unforgettable Big Day ever!

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