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Your Guests Will LOVE Any of These Wedding Cake Toppers!

Your South Carolina wedding cake is not just dessert. Of course, people will be looking forward to their sweet treat – but other than that, your wedding cake and its sweetness are a symbol of your relationship and hopes for the future.

Naturally, you want this wedding element to be perfect from every point of view: both in terms of taste and in terms of design.

What cake topper to choose, though?

Following, we have gathered some of the most popular cake topper trends out there – so read on if you’re looking for inspiration.

  • Words, names, monograms. This is a really classy and beautiful way of decorating your wedding cake. You could include a meaningful word (such as “Love” or “Forever”), you could include your names (“Sarah and John” or “The Smiths”, for instance), or you could just include your monogram (this is perfect if you plan on including it elsewhere in the wedding décor too). The secret to pulling off worded cake toppers is choosing the right lettering – it should be something romantic and fun at the same time.

  • Bride and groom figurines. This is an all-time classic, and you can definitely walk the traditional path to include a classy bride and groom pair embraced or dancing on your wedding cake. If you want something more unique, though, you can always settle on wooden he/she figurines, baby animal he/she figurines, or simply brides and grooms in fun postures (e.g. the bride dragging the groom after her).

  • Flowers and foliage. Want your cake to look natural and appealing? Fresh flowers and/or foliage are the best way to achieve this effect! Coordinate your wedding cake topper flowers with those of your bouquet and wedding centerpieces for an elegant effect, or, if you want to, go completely off-the-route and pick something that will really stand out. For instance, if you’re planning a fall wedding, you could ask for a cake topper that includes red and green foliage – a marvelously pretty combination that will incorporate your cake in the seasonal atmosphere.

Looking for a dedicated and experienced wedding planner in South Carolina? Be sure to contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea, then! Contact us right now and book our wedding planning services if you want your Big Day to be absolutely flawless from the moment you wake up to the moment you drive away into your honeymoon sunset!

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