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These Trends Aren’t as Popular as They Used to Be

Your wedding should be utterly amazing from every point of view – because, after all, you don’t get married every day and you definitely want to make sure your Big Day is one of a kind.

Of course, you can take inspiration from certain wedding trends – but when they become too overused, you should most likely leave them aside (because your guests have already seen them a dozen times before).

What are some of the wedding trends you should probably forget about in 2018? Read on and find out more.

  • The infamous flower wall. Yes, they look stunning and yes, they can decorate even the simplest of venues. However, so many people have used this in their event décor that the trend has slowly grown to be more of a cliché than something unique. If you want your Big Day to be special, you might want to leave the flower wall at the bottom of your list of priorities.

  • The doughnut wall. Also a decorated wall (this time, with edible elements), the doughnut wall has grown to be way too common. Of course, doughnuts cannot simply go out of fashion – but if you want to serve them at your wedding, you should probably find a more unique way of presenting them to your guests.

  • Exaggerated wedding cakes. Sure, a wedding cake with heavy decorations on it looks absolutely amazing. But beyond that, going too over the top is very much passé in the world of wedding trends – so it would be wise of you to leave this behind. The great news? There’s an infinite number of ways you can decorate your cake – and you should definitely search for the one that represents your personality.

  • Way too many bridesmaids. Traditionally, you should coordinate the number of your wedding guests with the number of wedding party members. Including TOO many bridesmaids can feel overwhelming and it might be pretty expensive for everyone (including yourself, if you decide to pay for some expenses related to them). It’s probably best to only include your closest friends and relatives in the wedding party.

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