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Top Flowers for a Cool Season Wedding

Spring and summer are popular with brides and grooms for quite obvious reasons: the weather is likely to be better, people might be in a more party-oriented mood, and, ultimately, the abundance of flowers and fresh ingredients for a wedding menu is quite amazing too.

That doesn’t mean that having a wedding during the cool season will make you miss out on any of the above. On the contrary: a wedding during the fall or winter season can be really amazing and unique, and you actually DO have a lot of options when it comes to pretty much every wedding element – flowers included.

What are some of the top flowers for a cool season wedding? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Dahlias are the undebatable winners of fall. Their price is fairly acceptable, so they are excellent for brides who want to save a decent dollar, and their entire vibe is amazing. In many respects, they feel more like a summer bloom than a fall one – they’re lively, they come in a pretty generous range of colors (pink, red, yellow, orange, and so on), and they have a certain kind of playfulness to them that’s really hard to beat.

  • When it comes to winter, you can always choose a blue flower as the main element in your floral arrangements and bouquets. There are plenty to pick from, actually: Forget-Me-Nots are sweet and meaningful, Hydrangeas, are more than opulent, Bachelor Buttons are vibrant and full of energy, and even Love in a Mist can turn into spectacular, slightly mysterious floral arrangements when handled by a good wedding florist.

  • Looking for something more classic, feminine, and just a touch sweeter? How about Sweet Pea, then? A bouquet created with this bloom is bound to stand out from the crowd in a truly beautiful way – it’s white with pink touches, the shape of the flowers is more than unique, and it’s fairly easy to combine it with greenery or other flowers to create something that is amazing from all points of view.

Looking for a talented, dedicated, and genuinely experienced wedding planner in South Carolina? We’re here for you! Contact Dazzle (Events) by Andrea and allow us to be the ones who help you plan the perfect Big Day, from A to Z. Contact us today!

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